Filing of application for marriage license and issuance of marriage license upon intended marriage of contracting parties that is/are resident/s of this municipality

Office or Division:Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar
Classification:Highly Technical
Type of Transaction:G2C – Government to Citizen
Who may avail:Citizens or Government Agency/Office
Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) of contracting partiesPhilippine Statistics Authority
Certificate of Pre-Marriage Counselling and/or Certificate of Compliance from OMSWDOffice of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development
Birth Certificate of contracting partiesPhilippines Statistics Authority/Local Civil Registrar Office
Advice upon intended marriage (21-24 years old) signed by both parentsOMCR/OCCR where the parent/s resides
Consent to marriage (18-20 years old) signed by the father/motherOMCR/OCCR where the parent resides
Death Certificate of spouse or Court Decree (for previously married)OMCR/OCCR where the death certificate/court decree was registered
Community Tax Certificate and Valid IDBarangay of residence, Issuing government agency/office/company/school
Accomplished Application for Marriage License FormOMCR
1. Submit requirements.Entertain client and receive documents for verification ; Advice client to pay at MTONone5 minutesAsst. Reg. Officer Admin. Aide IV Admin. Aide I
2. Pay corresponding fee at MTOReceive Payment and Issue OR.Application for Marriage License: Php 550 Service Fee: Php 20 License Fee: Php 25 minutesMTO Revenue Collection Officer
3. Submit OR to the concerned officer and wait for the notice of approval of application for marriage license to be posted by the MCR.Posting of notice and approval of application by the civil registrarNone12 daysMunicipal Civil Registrar
 Recording of application and Issuance of Marriage LicenseNone10 minutesAsst. Reg. Officer Admin. Aide IV Admin. Aide I
4. Receives the document
  TOTAL: 12 days and 20 minutes