Services provided to women of reproductive age.

Office or Division:Office of the Municipal Health Officer
Type of Transaction:G2C
Who may avail:All
Family Number CardMain Health Center
Family Planning FormBarangay or Hospital
1. Family Planning Services
1.Comes and inquires about methodsGreets client & directs to service provider  none1 minMHO /PHN / RHM / Officer of the day
2. Client expresses need of serviceReceives, interviews client  none5 minutes  MHO /PHN / RHM / Officer of the day
3. Client selects methodExplain about methods and helps client to determine which family planning method is best to usenone20 minutesMHO /PHN / RHM / Officer of the day
4. chooses method of choice4) Conducts physical examination and prepares client in administration of method selectednone  10 minutes  MHO /PHN / RHM / Officer of the day
5. Clients waits and prepares herself for the method selected5) Delivers methodnone10 minutesMHO /PHN / RHM / Officer of the day
6. Actively Listen for Instructions6) Instruct the client on her next visit and possible side effects of FP method usednone5 minutesMHO /PHN / RHM / Officer of the day
7. Client leaves the Health Center none0 
TOTAL:none51 minutes 
  2. Pre – Natal Care Services
1) Comes with Mother Booklet  1) Greets client & directs to service providernone  1 minPHN/RHM
2) Presents Mother Booklet2) Interviews & admits clientNone5 minutesPHN/RHM
3) Proceeds to physical & prenatal exam3) Conducts physical & prenatal examinationNone20 minutesPHN/RHM
4) Actively listen to advise of Health care provider4) Prescribes & advisesNone5 minutesPHN/RHM
5) Receives Prescribed medicines5) Issues vitamins and other prescribed medicinesnone5 minutesPHN/RHM
6) Client leaves the health center none0 min 
  TOTAL:none36 minutesPHN/RHM
3. Requests assistance for delivery
1 Comes with signs of labor1) Monitors labor and directs to labor roomnone4 hoursMHO /PHN / RHM / Officer of the day
2 Client proceeds to the labor room2) Prepares patient aseptically and monitors the progress of labornone  15 mins.RHM
3 Opted to report symptoms of active labor3) Note the signs of active phase of labor and directs patient to delivery roomnone4 hoursRHM
4 Proceeds to delivery room4) Delivers baby and provides newborn care(Non-PhilHealth) 3,000.00  2 hours  RHM
5 Mother receives her newborn baby5) Monitors patient and transfer to recovery roomnone90 mins  RHM  
6 Mother breastfeeds her newborn6) Continue monitoring of patientsnone1 dayRHM
7Mother recovers7)Conducts Health Educationnone30 minutesRHM
8 Mother and Newborn leave the facility    
  TOTAL:3,000.001 day, 12 hours, 15 minutes