Building Permit must be applied to any buildings newly constructed, renovated, repaired or converted.

Type of Transaction:G2C / G2B / G2G
Who may avail:All Clients that needs building permit
1. Building Permit Application/Standard Building Plan signed and sealed by the Architect/Civil Engineer (Page 1-  7 copies, 5 copies for succeeding pages)Municipal Engineer’s Office
2.Electrical Permit Application/Standard Electrical Plan signed and sealed by PEE (5 copies)Municipal Engineer’s Office
3. Sanitary/Plumbing Permit Application/Standard Plumbing Plan signed and sealed by Sanitary Engineer/Master Plumber (5 copies)Municipal Engineer’s Office
4.  Tax Declaration or any Proof Ownership and Latest Certificate of Tax Payment 5  copiesMunicipal Assessor’s Office / Municipal Treasurer’s Office
5.  Standard Construction Logbook signed by Civil Engineer/ArchitectProvided by the applicant
6.Lot Plan signed and sealed by Geodetic Engineer (3 copies)Provided by the applicant
7.  Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates signed and sealed by Architect/Civil EngineerProvided by the applicant
8.  Technical Specification for the construction signed and sealed by Architect/Civil EngineerProvided by the applicant
9.  Structural Computation signed and sealed by Structural/Civil Engineer for 2 storey and aboveProvided by the applicant
10.  Zoning Clearance from Zoning OfficerMayor’s Office – Zoning and Land Use Section
11.  Barangay ClearanceProvided by the applicant
12.  Xerox copies of PRC and PTRProvided by the applicant
13.  Notice to Adjoining PropertiesProvided by the applicant
14.  Approved Construction Safety and Health ProgramDepartment of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
15.  Fire Safety ClearanceBureau of Fire Protection – Baao
16.  Plate Load Test for 2 storey and Boring Test for 3 storey and aboveProvided by the applicant
17.  Clearance for Right of Way – if building will be constructed along National Highway  Department of Public Works and Highways  
1.Clients enter the office, register at the visitors log book and inquire for the requirementsExtends greetings to client, give client checklist of requirements with application forms (for new clients).       None10 minutesAdministrative Aide IV
2. Clients submits all necessary documents  For clients submitting accomplished forms and documents: receives and verifies the completeness of all fully accomplished forms and attached documents with plansNone45 minutes Draftsman II and Master Plumber
3.Sits at the lobby provided for client and waits for further informationUpon verification of documents; If complete: Assessment of fees based on the National Building Code then advices the client to pay at the Treasurer’s Office •if documents are still lacking: returns all documents and provided necessary recommendationsMayor’s Permit: Php 100   Line & Grade: 1st 100 meters = Php 50 + 1.00 on succeeding meters   Permit for Building, Electrical, Sanitary, Mechanical, Fencing: (Refer to Schedule of Bldg. Permits Fees, Series of 1993)*   Inspection Fee for Building: Php 100 Electrical: Php 30 Sanitary: Php 30 Mechanical: Php30 Permit Signboard Fee: Php 100   Penalty: 100% of Building Fee25 minutes Draftsman II and Master Plumber
4. After payment at Treasurer’s Office, client goes back to the MEO and gives the official receipt  Receives the official receipt and forwarded all documents for final review of the application and other documents to the Municipal EngineerNone30 minutesDraftsman II and Master Plumber    
5.  Sits at the lobby prepared for the client and waits for  further informationIf complete: Municipal Engineer Approved and signed building permit  forms, plans and other documents If incomplete: return and provide necessary recommendationsNone30 minutes Municipal Engineer
5. Receives owner’s copy of the building permits and sign boardSort/record/file Office Copy of Building Permits and provide sign board to clients.None30 minutesDraftsman II and Master Plumber Painter
  TOTAL:*2 hours and 50 minutes 

* Amount may vary depending on the structure being applied