Individuals need to secure a Mayor’s Clearance before they can apply for a firearms license. People seeking for employment are sometimes also required to secure the same. This is especially true of applicants to the Philippine National Police (PNP). Some schools and overseas employment agencies require their students/recruits to secure a Certificate of Good Moral Character before they are allowed to enroll or apply.

Office or Division:Office of the Municipal Mayor (MMO)
Type of Transaction:G2C
Who may avail:People seeking for employment / Students
For Mayor’s Clearance:
Xerox Copy of Police Clearance (present original copy for authentication) 
Latest Community Tax certificateMunicipal Treasurer’s Office
Certification Fee – Official ReceiptMunicipal Treasurer’s Office
Documentary StampBureau of Internal Revenue
For Certificate of Good Moral Character:
Barangay Certification (stating that the client is a resident of the Barangay and has no derogatory records)Barangay – Residence of the applicant
Certification Fee – Official ReceiptMunicipal Treasurer’s Office
Documentary StampBureau of Internal Revenue
1. Submits documents required w/ Official Receipt to the receiving clerk or employee-in-charge and register at the logbook for the request.Receives & reviews required documents for authentication and make sure that supporting documents are complete and inform the client to pay the corresponding fees at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office.None5 minutesAdmin. Aide IV
1. Pay the Certification Fee at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office.Receives Payment and Issue Official Receipt.Php 40.00  5 minutesRevenue Collection Clerk Office of the MT
2. Present the OR and wait at the lobby or waiting area with amenities such as reading magazines/newspapers.Receives the OR with the required documents and prepares the Clearance or Certification for signature by the LCE.None5 minutesAdmin. Aide IV
 Mayor approves and signs Clearance or Certification.None5 minutesMunicipal Mayor
 Release of Clearance / Certification and retain and file 1 copy for the office.None1 minuteAdmin. Aide IV
4. Receives copy of Clearance / Certification.
TOTAL:Php 40.0016 minutes